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that's a negative

I just left my first negative feedback on Etsy.  It took me a long time to do it; I felt guilty about it and gave the seller a gazillion opportunities to "make it right," but it's been over two months since I ordered the item, which turned out to be on backorder (which was not stipulated in the listing itself) and only heard from the seller about any updates if I e-mailed her first (i.e. poor communication.  Sure, she replied if I instigated, but the information about backorder and then another quality issue wouldn't have even come up if I hadn't prompted her to connect with me).  Two weeks ago, her response was that they should "come in this week," and I've still heard nothing.  So today, I made the commitment and clicked the little red "minus" sign on Etsy feedback.  Nervously anticipating the blowback.

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  1. So sorry that you had such a negative interaction! I was on the opposite side of that this week with a crazy customer! I can't decide whether or not to give her negative buyer feedback. She was just so difficult!