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new home!

Took a biiiiiig step yesterday, so big it hasn't hit me yet: I signed a lease on a house I'll be moving into with my boyfriend.  Yikes!  I've never lived with a boy before!  :)  I am excited.  And this may sound lame, but the one thing I'm NOT excited about is that I won't have a Los Angeles zip code anymore.  I'm moving from 90004 to Monterey Park, which is still L.A., but it's just not the same. 

I TOLD you it would sound lame. 

Here's a sneaky sneak peek (it's not much to look at... yet...):

la maison nouvelle [in monterey park, ca]

It's in need of some new paint and a good all-over scrub-down, both of which it's getting in the coming week before Z and I move on in (plus I'll probably give everything a once-over with a pack of disinfecting wipes once we get there with our keys).  It's a totally rad house with a giant fenced yard for our two dogs to frolic, a big patio, two stories, a second bedroom to make into a hybrid music (Z) and photography (me) studio-office, and a full 2-car garage for Z to dote on his Challenger.

Still very surreal.  We don't get our keys until next week; maybe then it'll sink in.  Way to start with a bang, 2012!


  1. mama is happy and sad. Happy for you and Z; sad for me cause you'll be farther away. Can we still go to Larchmont Bungalow?

  2. I know, now you'll have to drive through downtown LA to get to me. :( But we will DEFINITELY still go to Larchmont Bungalow!!!

  3. little slice of heaven. I hope you are close to the ocean!