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setting up.

Moving is a crazy, crazy time.  Z and I moved all our stuff (furniture, boxes, puppies and all!) on Saturday (2 days ago) and YIKES!  There is SO much to do.  Curtains to hang, boxes to unpack, kitchens to scrub... and I'm at WORK today.  BOO!  I want to be at home cleaning and "setting up," as my parents like to tease me (I always had to "set up" before I played with my toys when I was little; I always enjoyed "setting up" more than I did actually playing, which has continued into my adulthood).  But I gotta earn the bucks to pay for the new place, eh? 

Not sleeping well yet, either.  Still getting used to sharing a bed with someone!  It's very weird.  Especially doing so in the same sized bed I've been sleeping in by myself.  Plus two dogs.  It's a bit of a space issue!  We were woken up a couple of times last night by Mickey climbing around trying to get comfortable, and Z and I kept stealing blankets from each other.  It'll take some getting used to... :/

I've also been selling a bunch of photo prints on Tophatter, which, don't get me wrong, is GREAT, but with everything scattered everywhere in the new place it's a little challenging to make sure orders get shipped, among all else.  My computer isn't even hooked up yet, which is bad news for uploading and ordering the prints I need.  Maybe I can tackle that tonight.

I ALSO (eek! So much!) have to clean and paint my old apartment for a walk-through with my old landlord this week.  This determines my deposit refund so I want to make sure it looks as awesome as possible so I can get my $1200 + pet deposit back!!  He wants to check out the place on Wednesday, which means I gotta get my ass in gear by then.  Two days to paint and clean everything.

AND the RAW:Hollywood ACTIVATE artist showcase is on Friday night.

Yikes.  Overwhelmed just thinking about it all.

Wish me luck this week!

Moving out of my old apartment on Ridgewood Place, near Koreatown.

My sweet Mickey in our new bed on night #1 in the new house.


  1. So exciting girl! I don't know how you've handled it this far, but it seems to be slowly and surely falling into place! I believe in you. :)

  2. Thanks Kara! I'm totally overwhelmed but I know it'll all work out in the end! Just wish I could sleep while someone else handles the hard stuff. ;)