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whipping my ass into shape.

Literally.  My New Year's resolution is to lose some weight.  I started off pretty strong but the last couple of weeks have knocked me off course (hello, moving!).  Reasons to lose weight this year (and in general):
  1. My 10-year high school reunion is this year.
  2. Not one, but TWO bachelorette parties in Vegas: Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.
  3. I'm a bridesmaid in July and have a KILLER black dress I'd love to fit into again (bridesmaid's attire for this particular wedding are just black cocktail dresses).
  4. FEEL better (i.e. not get out of breath climbing a single flight of stairs.  More energy.  Etc.).
  5. Fit into old clothes!

There are a ton more.  The first three are the big ones -- OCCASIONS to lose weight.  I've gained 20 lbs. since moving to Los Angeles and 40 since I was at my "happy weight," and if you want to get really crazy, 60 lbs since high school!  Eek!  So let's see if 2012 is my year... I plan to make it so.  Positive attitude, right?

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  1. I just decided the same thing last night! No huge reasons as to why, just want to be healthy again!